Can I glue down Quick-Step Laminate floors to the subfloor?

It is possible, but note that it is not recommended and it will make the warranty void.

The sub-floor must be perfectly level and damp-proof. Most probably it will be necessary to use a levelling compound and an appropriate damp proof layer. In addition, you will need a resin that provides sufficient adherence to the Laminate backing.

Why would you want to use full-surface gluing?

Underfloor heating

If the correct Quick-Step underlay is used, combining underfloor heating with a floating installation is no problem at all. Check out the installation manual for further information.

Acoustic insulation

You need to make a distinction between transmission sound and reflection sound. Transmission sound can only be reduced with a floating installation. Gluing down the floor covering will improve sound insulation.

Reflection sound can indeed be reduced with the full-surface gluing method. But Quick-Step also has the ideal solution for this: high-quality Quick-Step underlays. These allow you to combine the benefits of a floating floor with acoustic insulation.

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