Can I also glue panels with Uniclic together? After all, a glued joint must be stronger than a glueless one?

It is incorrect to assume that a glued joint is stronger than a Quick-Step Uniclic mechanical joint. In fact, the actual strength of glued joints largely depends on how the planks were glued. Did you use the correct glue? Was the glue applied correctly? How much glue was used? Was the glue able to cure long enough at the correct temperature? Wasn't the floor walked on too soon after gluing, so that the joints were not able to cure properly?

The Uniclic joint, by contrast, is synonymous with a perfectly installed Laminate floor giving full satisfaction for many years. You can lay the floor by just clicking the planks together and without glue. The joints are guaranteed to stay together. Moreover, Uniclic offers many additional benefits:

  • Quick installation without any risks
  • Easy to installation both by left-handed and right-handed people
  • You can walk on the floor during and immediately after installation
  • You can remove your floor and install it somewhere else very easily (e.g. when you move)
  • Always an even floor surface 
  • Lifetime warranty (see warranty terms and conditions)
  • ...

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