How to install wood floors under a doorframe?

All you need to install a wood floor under your doorframe is a multitool or handsaw, an automatic screwdriver and a vacuum cleaner.

Are there doorways or thresholds in the rooms where you’ll be installing your wooden flooring? Don’t panic. Simply follow the following steps.

  1. Before installing the wooden flooring, you should undercut the moldings of any threshold or doorway the new flooring encounters. You can do this by flipping a plank upside down and placing it on the floor up to the door frame to ensure the right cut.
  2. Now, place your multitool flat against the plank and simply cut through the frame. Afterwards, remove the piece of wood and vacuum away any leftover pieces.
  3. Decide where you want your floor to end and install the base of your Incizo profile with the help of your automatic screwdriver.
  4. Use a small piece of plank to determine the width of your final row. Put your plank in the right position and make a mark where it meets the doorway. Mark how far you want the plank to continue into the doorway.
  5. Saw away the marked piece and your floorboard should fit under the doorframe. Continue by clicking it into the previous plank.
  6. Prepare your second plank in the same way as explained before. It’s a bit easier doing this with two planks, but you can also do it with only one plank if that suits you better.
  7. Finish up by installing the end profile on top of your profile base in the door opening.

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