The raw look of concrete, the advantages of laminate or vinyl

The industrial look of concrete floors attracts many people with a soft spot for modern design. But quite often, they are equally put off by the disadvantages of concrete. Quick-Step unites the best of both worlds: the appearance of concrete, and the feel – and ease of use – of laminate or vinyl.

Discover all concrete laminate & vinyl floors

Cool revival

Concrete floors are definitely back. Their minimalistic look adds an extra dash of hipness and sleekness to modern interiors. As for their colour, that is completely up to you. Yet many people hesitate to give in to their love of concrete. A concrete floor feels rather cold and hard, and it might crack. Corrosion and colour differences may occur as well.

Both warm and industrial

You’d hate to say goodbye to your dream of an industrial-looking floor, but you don’t want one that’s too cold and hard either? Quick-Step is happy to offer you the perfect solution. A laminate floor with a concrete look, like the 'Impressive light grey laminate', is the right fit for you and your home. While this laminate offers you the minimalistic vibe of concrete, it combines it with the warm feel of wood. You can not only see but even feel the structure of the pine wood. And that’s exactly what makes this concrete-style laminate floor so unique.

Do you prefer the warm softness of a vinyl floor over laminate planks? No problem! Our luxury vinyl floors, now also offer a beautiful modern concrete look.The 'Minimal light grey vinyl' and 'Vibrant medium grey vinyl' both serve as a great looking alternative for concrete. Cutting-edge production technologies have created an extremely realistic design, that matches the minimalistic beauty of real concrete floors.

Discover all concrete laminate & vinyl floors

Installed and decorated in no time

Why chose laminate or vinyl? It’s just so easy to install and to clean. When it comes to decoration, you can do exactly as you please: vintage furniture, splashes of fluorescent colours … Fashionably daring or retro: a laminate or vinyl floor with a concrete look works with any style.

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