Underlays for vinyl flooring


Vinyl floor underlays

Underneath every great Alpha Vinyl or Vinyl Flex floor, there is a carefully selected vinyl underlay. Our range of high-quality underlays are specifically designed to increase the quality, comfort and final look of your floor. Obviously, they also help reduce footstep noise for a better acoustic comfort.

Underlays recommended for you

QSVUDLCOMFORT15 Vinyl Accessories Comfort Underlay QSVUDLCOMFORT15
Comfort Underlay
5.19 £/m²
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15 m²
15 m²
QSVUDLHEAT10​ Vinyl Accessories Heat Underlay QSVUDLHEAT10
Heat Underlay
7.79 £/m²
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10 m²
10 m²
QSVUDLTRANSIT15 Vinyl Accessories Transit Underlay QSVUDLTRANSIT15
Transit Underlay
8.14 £/m²
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15 m²
15 m²

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