Finishing profiles for Quick-Step vinyl floors


Vinyl flooring profiles: bridging heights and flooring types

Our clever vinyl profiles can do a lot of things: from levelling height differences and enabling long stretches of flooring, to smoothly combining your Alpha Vinyl or Vinyl Flex floor with any other type of flooring. And, like all things Quick-Step, they’re super easy to install.

Profiles recommended for you

QSVINCP Vinyl Accessories Cocoa oak QSVINCP40279
Incizo Profile
2000 x 45 x 8 mm
The patented Incizo profile is extremely handy to give your floor and stairs that perfect finish. You can use one and the same profile for all finishing situations: between two floors of the same height or with difference in height, as a transition to a wall, window or carpet, ... . Simply cut the basic Incizo profile to the shape required using the supplied slitter. For application on stairs or steps, please order the Incizo aluminium subprofile for stairs separately.
NEVRADPSILV Vinyl Accessories Adapter Profile (Rigid) NEVRADPSILV
Adapter Profile (Rigid)
18.99 £/m
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Contents: 1 aluminum adapter profile (2000 x 31 x 8,5 mm) and 1 PVC subprofile
This very slim and elegant profile can be used to make the transition between a higher and a lower floor. Can be used with clicked vinyl floors. Wear-resistant quality aluminium, silver tone. Installation with the supplied subprofile. Glue the sub-profile to the subfloor, then press the adapter profile into the subprofile. Tip: use a hammer and e.g. the tapping block as a help to press the adapter profile in the subprofile.
QSPRSILV Laminate Accessories Multifunctional Profile Silver QSPRSILV
Multifunctional Profile Silver
29.99 £/m
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1860 x 47 x 16 mm
Profile in wear-resistant aluminium to bridge height differences from 0 to 12.3 mm. To be used for instance between 2 Quick-Step laminate floors, between 2 Livyn floors, or between a laminate or Livyn floor and another lower or higher floor. Patent pending.

Stair profiles recommended for you

Quick-Step’s wide range of vinyl floor profiles is compatible with any type of staircase. Classic or contemporary? Combining winders and landings or not? As long as the planks are glued down, vinyl will do the trick.

QSVSTRBSP Vinyl Accessories Cottage oak natural QSVSTRBSP40025
Vinyl Stair Cover - Small plank
1231 x 116 x 54 mm
Durable vinyl tread cover with a bullnose stair nosing to cleanly finish your stairs. Since Stair Covers are made out of your floor’s material, the colour matches 100%. Easy glued-down installation. Only available for Alpha Vinyl medium and small planks.
QSVSTPCLICKSILV Vinyl Accessories Stair Profile Click QSVSTPCLICK
Stair Profile Click
15.99 £/m
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QSVSTPGLUESILV Vinyl Accessories Stair Profile Glue Outer Corner QSVSTPGLUE
Stair Profile Glue Outer Corner
15.99 £/m
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QSVSTPINGLUESILV Vinyl Accessories Stair Profile Glue Inner Corner QSVSTPINGLUE
Stair Profile Glue Inner Corner
15.99 £/m
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NEVINCPBASE Vinyl Accessories Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs NEVINCPBASE1
Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs
18.99 £/m
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2000 x 33 x 17 mm
The Incizo® profile enables you to create stairs that fit perfectly into your interior. Various stair finishes are possible!

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