Which underlay with luxury vinyl tiles?

Installing a floating luxury vinyl floor is different from laminate or parquet. Unlike with a glued down installation, an appropriate underlay is required.

Which underlay with luxury vinyl tiles

Pressure resistance

Luxury vinyl tiled floors are much more elastic than laminate or parquet flooring. This makes them more vulnerable for pressure marks. To avoid lasting marks on your floor, always level your base floor with a sufficiently pressure-resistant underlay.

No damp screen

Luxury vinyl tiles are fully waterproof. Unlike with laminate or parquet flooring, you don’t need to include a damp screen in your underlay to prevent rising damp or moisture.

Less room for imperfections

Compared to other flooring types, the flexible nature of luxury vinyl tiles requires a thinner and denser underlay. This limits your options for covering up imperfections in your base floor. Especially when laying luxury vinyl tiles on top of an existing floor, you should consider levelling your base floor first.

Minimising noise nuisance

Thanks to the sound-absorbing qualities of luxury vinyl, reflected walking noise is kept to a minimum. Limiting sound propagation between floors, on the other hand, does require an appropriate underlay. An example? Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl floors with a 4 mm density reduce sound propagation by 6dB. When using the Quick-Step Livyn Underlay, sound is reduced by a total of 14 dB.