Finding the ideal underlay with Quick-Step’s Underfloor Advisor

Can’t decide which underlay to pick? Quick-Step’s Underlay Advisor can help you on your quest. But first, some aspects worth considering when choosing the ideal underlay for your hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor.

The ideal underlay

Where will you install your underlay?

Depending on the kind of room, you’ll need a different underlay. Will you install your floor in a room with low traffic, like your bedroom? Or will it have to withstand intense traffic, like in a kitchen for instance? In the latter case, you’ll want an underlay that can handle the sound of many happy feet, like the Quick-Step Unisound Pro.

Do you have underfloor heating or cooling?

Underfloor heating or cooling changes your floor’s thermal features. You’ll need an underlay that’s thermally efficient and that can handle sudden fluctuations in temperature – like the Quick-Step CoolHeat.

Do you want to reduce noise nuisance?

Quick-Step offers a range of underlays that dampen different kinds of sounds. If you want to reduce noise propagating from the upper floor, the Quick-Step Transitsound Ultra is worth considering. Want to reduce the sound of footsteps as you walk on your floor? Then you may want to opt for the Quick-Step Unisound underlay.

The perfect choice: only a few clicks away

Any luck answering all these questions? If you are still unsure, why not try out Quick-Step’s Underlay Advisor? Enter your answers and find the ideal underlay in just a few clicks.