What tools do I need to install my Quick-Step floor?

Thanks to the patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit technology, installing a Quick-Step laminate, hardwood or Livyn floor is a breeze. Before starting, however, make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand.

What tools do you need to install a Quick-Step floor

The basics

The Quick-Step Installation Set consists of three basic tools that are an absolute prerequisite for the quick and proper installation of your Quick-Step floor: a tapping block, adjustable spacers and a metal crowbar. The tapping block is used for tapping end joints together. The spacers should be placed in the expansion gaps and the crowbar comes in handy when installing floor boards in places which are difficult to reach.

In addition to this basic kit, you will also need a hammer, a chisel and appropriate material to saw or cut the vinyl, laminate or hardwood planks and skirting boards. For more information on how to saw or cut Quick-Step planks and accessories, be sure to read this comprehensive article.

For the finishing touch

To finish your flooring to perfection, Quick-Step offers a range of special tools and accessories. From the Quick-Step ONE4ALL glue to ensure the swift and secure bonding of all skirting boards, to the Quick-Step Seal & Click sealant for enhanced protection of our Lagune laminate floors against moisture: read all about it on the respective pages for laminate, hardwood or Livyn luxury vinyl.

Checklist: What do you need

  • Quick-Step Installation Set (tapping block, adjustable spacers and metal crowbar)
  • Hammer 
  • Chisel 
  • Saw 
  • Utility knife 
  • Additional accessories for finishing