With their extraordinary length of more than two-metres, these planks exude class and quality. The micro bevel adds more depth to your interior.

Natural Largo Laminate Long Island oak natural LPU1661
Long Island oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1661
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Authentic oak LPU1505
Authentic oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1505
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Pacific oak LPU1507
Pacific oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1507
38.99 £/m²
Natural Largo Laminate Cambridge oak natural LPU1662
Cambridge oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1662
38.99 £/m²
Dark grey Largo Laminate Grey vintage oak LPU3986
Grey vintage oak
Laminate - Largo LPU3986
38.99 £/m²
Red Largo Laminate Natural varnished merbau LPU3988
Natural varnished merbau
Laminate - Largo LPU3988
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Light Rustic Oak Planks LPU1396
Light Rustic Oak Planks
Laminate - Largo LPU1396
38.99 £/m²
Dark brown Largo Laminate Cambridge oak dark LPU1664
Cambridge oak dark
Laminate - Largo LPU1664
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Dominicano oak grey LPU1663
Dominicano oak grey
Laminate - Largo LPU1663
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Long Island oak light LPU1660
Long Island oak light
Laminate - Largo LPU1660
38.99 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate White vintage oak LPU3985
White vintage oak
Laminate - Largo LPU3985
38.99 £/m²
Beige Largo Laminate Dominicano oak natural LPU1622
Dominicano oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1622
38.99 £/m²
Natural Largo Laminate Natural varnished oak LPU1284
Natural varnished oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1284
38.99 £/m²
Beige Largo Laminate White varnished oak LPU1283
White varnished oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1283
38.99 £/m²