Elegant, water-resistant floors with an excellent balance between length and width. The absence of bevels gives your interior a streamlined appearance.

Light grey Eligna Laminate Venice oak grey EL3906
Venice oak grey
Laminate - Eligna EL3906
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate White oak light EL1491
White oak light
Laminate - Eligna EL1491
20.99 £/m²
Light grey Eligna Laminate Venice oak light EL3990
Venice oak light
Laminate - Eligna EL3990
20.99 £/m²
Dark brown Eligna Laminate Oiled walnut EL1043
Oiled walnut
Laminate - Eligna EL1043
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Old oak matt oiled EL312
Old oak matt oiled
Laminate - Eligna EL312
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Riva oak natural EL3578
Riva oak natural
Laminate - Eligna EL3578
20.99 £/m²
Light grey Eligna Laminate Estate oak light grey EL3573
Estate oak light grey
Laminate - Eligna EL3573
20.99 £/m²
Beige Eligna Laminate Light grey varnished oak EL1304
Light grey varnished oak
Laminate - Eligna EL1304
20.99 £/m²
Dark grey Eligna Laminate Newcastle oak grey EL3580
Newcastle oak grey
Laminate - Eligna EL3580
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Natural varnished oak EL896
Natural varnished oak
Laminate - Eligna EL896
20.99 £/m²
Black Eligna Laminate Newcastle oak dark EL3581
Newcastle oak dark
Laminate - Eligna EL3581
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Riva oak brown EL3579
Riva oak brown
Laminate - Eligna EL3579
20.99 £/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Venice oak natural EL3908
Venice oak natural
Laminate - Eligna EL3908
20.99 £/m²
Dark brown Eligna Laminate Newcastle oak brown EL3582
Newcastle oak brown
Laminate - Eligna EL3582
20.99 £/m²
Beige Eligna Laminate Estate oak beige EL3574
Estate oak beige
Laminate - Eligna EL3574
20.99 £/m²
White Eligna Laminate Wengé passionata EL1300
Wengé passionata
Laminate - Eligna EL1300
20.99 £/m²
Red Eligna Laminate Merbau EL996
Laminate - Eligna EL996
20.99 £/m²
Beige Eligna Laminate Venice oak beige EL3907
Venice oak beige
Laminate - Eligna EL3907
20.99 £/m²
Dark brown Eligna Laminate Metallic cérusé oak gold EL3466
Metallic cérusé oak gold
Laminate - Eligna EL3466
20.99 £/m²
Beige Eligna Laminate White varnished oak EL915
White varnished oak
Laminate - Eligna EL915
20.99 £/m²