The 7 mm standard-sized and bevel-less planks provide a streamlined appearance.

Natural Creo Laminate Louisiana oak natural CR3176
Louisiana oak natural
Laminate - Creo CR3176
16.99 £/m²
Beige Creo Laminate Tennessee oak light wood CR3179
Tennessee oak light wood
Laminate - Creo CR3179
16.99 £/m²
Natural Creo Laminate Virginia oak natural CR3182
Virginia oak natural
Laminate - Creo CR3182
16.99 £/m²
Dark brown Creo Laminate Virginia oak brown CR3183
Virginia oak brown
Laminate - Creo CR3183
16.99 £/m²
Light grey Creo Laminate Tennessee oak grey CR3181
Tennessee oak grey
Laminate - Creo CR3181
16.99 £/m²
Natural Creo Laminate Tennessee oak natural CR3180
Tennessee oak natural
Laminate - Creo CR3180
16.99 £/m²
White Creo Laminate Charlotte oak white CR3178
Charlotte oak white
Laminate - Creo CR3178
16.99 £/m²
Beige Creo Laminate Charlotte oak brown CR3177
Charlotte oak brown
Laminate - Creo CR3177
16.99 £/m²