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laminate flooring underly by Quick-Step

Laminate flooring underlay

Buy your laminate underlay at Quick-Step

To create a calm and ambient living room, you need to get perfect laminate flooring. Before you start working on it, we recommend choosing which laminate underlay is the most convenient for you. With a suitable underlay, you can easily apply the laminate because it perfectly levels your floor.

Underlay in all shapes and sizes

Choosing the right underlay is essential for the quality and comfort of your new laminate floor. Our specially designed underlay will not only level your floor but also insulate it. The underlay is also noise-reducing because it consists of an acoustic isolation layer that diminishes the noise in the room or the noise coming from the adjacent rooms so you can enjoy the silence.

Underlays recommended for you

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    Silent Walk

    • Silent Walk Underlay
    • QSUDLSW7
    • This underlay is the best choice for sound reduction in the room. It's ideal for rooms with heavy traffic and the perfect combo with floor heating or cooling.
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    • Thermolevel Underlay
    • QSUDLTL9
    • This underlay is the best choice for irregular subfloors and it provides additional insulation. Note: it is not compatible with floor heating.
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    • Unisound Underlay
    • This underlay is the best all-rounder when it comes to sound reduction. It's ideal for rooms with frequent traffic. It maximises the reduction of sound in the room and to the rooms below.
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    • Transitsound Underlay
    • QSUDLTRS15
    • This underlay is the perfect choice if you want to reduce the sound to the rooms below. Ideal for upper floors and apartments!
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    Basic Plus 15 M2

    • Basic Plus Underlay
    • QSUDLBP15
    • This quality and budget-friendly underlay is ideal for rooms with less traffic. It reduces the sound, both in the room and to the rooms below.
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    Self-adhesive Tape

    • Self-adhesive Tape
    • NETAPE50
    • This self-adhesive tape fixes underlays together. If you have a laminate or wood floor, this aluminium tape with moisture barrier ensures a moisture resistant installation.

Installation on an existing tile floor

The perfect laminate underflooring creates a solid fundamental that strengthens your floor. Do you want to install laminate flooring on a tile floor? Then Quick-Step’s Thermolevel is all you need. This is a good choice if you want to cover a tile floor. The underlay is extra isolating and levels every substrate.

No noise disturbance with the Quick-Step Silent Walk

Do you want to keep your living room quiet and peaceful? Quick-Step’s Silent Walk will minimize the sound of footsteps on it. This flooring is the perfect underlay to reduce the reverberation of sound that you usually hear when you walk on laminate flooring. In addition, this subfloor is also suitable in combination with floor cooling.

laminate flooring underly by Quick-Step

How to install the laminate flooring underlay?

Before you install your Quick-Step laminate flooring, you have to install your underlay. The smooth surface of the underlay enables you to lay the planks with ease. Do you want to install the floor yourself? We recommend you start in the left corner of the longest wall in your house and put the planks in the same direction as the dominant light source. If you hire a professional Master Installer from Quick-Step, you will get a lifelong guarantee on the entire installation of your floor.

laminate flooring underly by Quick-Step

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