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Intenso chevron flooring

Chevron flooring:
intensity from every angle

Originally patterns found in antique, classic decor, chevron wood floor motifs are making a big comeback worldwide. Why? Because they add an original element and sense of dynamism to any space – trendy or traditional. Attractive oblique angles draw the eye and the attention, for interesting counterpoints between the floor and the other aesthetic aspects of a room.

Chevron wood floors?

Chevron wood floor patterns feature planks arranged in horizontal rows of V-shapes meeting on a straight line. As beautiful as they are, these patterns do come with some drawbacks:

  • they are typically difficult to install
  • rectangular planks must be cut at angles to form the pattern
  • the center point must be determined for every line
  • there is a high risk of open joints after installation, since the tongue-and-groove system has no bias and cannot be ‘locked’ together

  • However, Quick-Step has solved all of these issues with Intenso, an innovative new collection of wood floors that combines the dynamic chevron pattern with easy installation and every benefit of a Quick-Step wood floor.


    Intenso brings unrivalled, intense character to any space. Its distinctive charm lies in the fusion of reclaimed esthetic and dynamic chevron patterns, creating a visually striking masterpiece. Our craftsmen give each plank an authentic look, marked by hand-sanded surfaces with thickness differences and gaps.

    Why Intenso chevron wood flooring is the ideal choice

    In addition to its lively appearance, Quick-Step chevron wood flooring combines a wide range of advantages that are sure to win you over, including:

    Watch the video

    See for yourself how quick and easy is it to install an "Intenso" chevron floor in a side-by-side comparison with a classic chevron installation.