How to install skirting after placing a vinyl floor

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How to install skirting after placing a vinyl floor

A floor is only as attractive as its finishing. We therefore recommend paying extra attention to the skirting! Start by measuring the corners of your room, using a bevel and your tape measure. Once you have measured everything perfectly, all you will have to do is glue the skirting boards together. Always measure the corners of your room. The eye can be quite deceptive!

Set your circular saw to the angle you have just measured and saw the skirting boards to the correct dimensions.

Squirt the glue onto the skirting boards using your glue gun. Press the two pre-glued skirting boards against the wall and push firmly in place. Don’t forget that the glue dries quickly, so don’t waste any time! Once you have finished the corners you can start gluing the other skirting boards into place.

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