Before you start laying your vinyl floor

FAQs on vinyl flooring

Before you start laying your vinyl floor

Check to see if you have all the tools you need. Next, see if there are any irregularities in your floor. Carefully slide a plank across the floor to see if it is perfectly level. Irregularities in your subfloor can damage your floor, so it is important that you remove these before you start. Cement joints measuring more than 1 mm need to be smoothed out. This will save you a lot of trouble afterwards.

Next step: vacuuming! Make sure that your subfloor is completely clean so that you can start laying your floor straight away.

Your floor will first need to acclimatize itself to its new home. Put your new vinyl planks in the room where you want to install them and lay the boxes flat on the ground. Leave them there for at least 48 hours to acclimatize. Keep the temperature in the room between 18 and 30°C before, during and at least 24 hours after laying your floor.

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