How to choose the perfect laminate flooring underlay?

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How to choose the perfect laminate flooring underlay?

Every DIY handyman knows: a job well begun is a job half done! This is no different when installing a new laminate floor. After all, there is one step that is more crucial to success than any other if you are planning to put in new laminate flooring. And, which step is that? Choosing the right underlay. We will be happy to explain.

Which type of underfloor to choose?

There is a suitable type of underlay for every room and situation. Stop a moment to think about what you need exactly.

  • Is this a room in which you be walking around only sporadically, such as a bedroom or an attic? If so, you could opt for our budget-friendly Quick-Step Basic Plus underlay. 

  • Or will you be installing your floor in a living room or a kitchen, which is a much more high-traffic area? If so, a sound-absorbing underlay would be a better choice, like our Quick-Step Unisound

  • Do you want to keep out the noise of footsteps to the greatest extent possible in order to create a serene working or living environment? In this case, Quick-Step Silent Walk it is exactly what you need. This is also the perfect underlay in case you have underfloor heating!

  • Will you be installing a laminate floor on the top floor of a house or in an apartment? Block out transit noise with our Quick-Step Transitsound underlay.

  • If the floor onto which you will be laying your laminate is rather irregular, or if you plan to install it on top of an existing tile floor, our Quick-Step Thermolevel underlay is your best option: this underlay smooths out every irregularity in the subfloor (irregularities apt to a maximum of 4 mm).
Now that you have chosen a suitable underlay you can start laying your floor!
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Is an underlay really necessary?

Absolutely! Even stronger: the underlay is an absolutely essential part of your new laminate floor. Here are the most important reasons for this:

  • The right underlay ensures that your laminate flooring will look absolutely perfect: the levelling effect will smooth out all minor irregularities, making perfection the standard for your new floor.

  • Additionally, your underlay has an important function with regard to thermal insulation: if the various floors in the building you live in are maintained at different temperatures (e.g. a living room above a garage) the correct underlay will serve as a buffer.

  • Underlay also provides acoustic insulation. It dampens not only the noise you make when walking on your laminate flooring (reflection sound), but also that of someone else walking on the floor above you (transit sound).

  • In conclusion, it is important to know that good underlay offers protection against rising damp thanks to the DPM or damp-proof membrane. Indispensable!
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