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How should I install an underlay?

A good underlay insulates against sound, stops rising moisture, and eliminates small irregularities. That is why it’s an essential part of the floor.

Luckily, it’s easy to install as well. All you need is a knife.

How should I install it?

  • Roll out the underlay across the length of your room. Ensure that the end of the underlay is a bit higher at the edges. This makes the installation easier later on and protects against rising moisture.
  • Use your knife to cut off any surplus. Don’t panic if you cut into the wall by accident. This will be covered with skirting boards later. Follow the line of the wall nicely and press well.

Remember that your underlay needs to be as smooth as possible. So, never put two layers on top of each other: this will create unevenness. Immediately secure the first sheets of underlay with a laminate board and work towards the wall.

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