How do I avoid humidity problems?

It's always better to prevent humidity and moisture problems than to have to cure them afterwards. A few tips:

  • Despite the very good moisture resistant characteristics of Quick-Step Laminate floors, we do not recommend to install Quick-Step Laminate in damp rooms (saunas, laundry areas, etc.). For bathrooms, Quick-Step introduced floors with ‘Hydroseal’ technology. ‘Hydroseal’ is an innovative, water-repellent coating that prevents water from entering the floor’s grooves, thus making it perfectly suitable for wet environments, including bathrooms.
  • Never wash your Quick-Step Laminate floor. Avoid standing water and other liquids on the flooring surface at all times.
  • With the Quick-Step maintenance kit, you can easily clean the floor in a dry way or with minimum quantities of water (damp). The Quick-Step cleaning kit contains a microfiber mop and a suitable cleaning product.
  • Loose sand and dust should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Daily cleaning can be done with a dry microfiber mop. To remove very stubborn dirt or to clean the floor more intensively, you can moisten this microfiber tissue slightly by adding Quick-Step cleaning product to the cleaning water.

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