Can I use Quick-Step Laminate in combination with underfloor heating?

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Can I use Quick-Step Laminate in combination with underfloor heating?

Yes. Combining a Quick-Step Laminate floor with traditional underfloor heating embedded in the screed is no problem at all. However, it is important that you install your floor 'floating' and that you choose the right underlay.

The floating installation and the very strong connection of the Uniclic joint ensures that the planks will stay together, without gapping, when the heating is on. Possible condensation problems underneath are prevented by the moisture barrier (this is not possible with full-surface gluing).

The combination of heating and cooling is also possible for laminate floors, but some technical precautions have to be taken into account. Check the installation manual 'Installation of Quick-Step Laminate on underfloor heating' for more details.

In case of heating mats to be installed on the screed, first read the technical instructions in the installation manual and check with the supplier/manufacturer of these heating mats if the mats can be used in combination with laminate.

Important: always follow the special guidelines for underfloor heating and cooling and ask you dealer for instructions.

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