How to fix creaking wood floors?

The creaks and squeaks of wooden floors can put a damper on your overall satisfaction. But don’t worry, there might be an easy fix.

90% of creaking floor cases are related to moisture content. Low humidity can cause wooden flooring to dry and crack. When weight is applied to the flooring, friction causes those familiar squeaks.

Take a hygrometer or moisture measurement tool and measure the moisture content of your flooring. The relative humidity or RH of your room should be between 30% and 60%.

If the relative humidity of your room is below 30%, put a humidifier in the area of the creaking floor. Don’t expect the creaking sounds to disappear as soon as the relative humidity is back to normal. Give your floor a few days to normalize.

Remember that parquet is especially sensitive to moisture fluctuations. Keep a moisture meter in your room and minimize extreme variations in humidity.

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