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How to install a Quick-Step hardwood floor on stairs

You can easily cover your stairs with Quick-Step hardwood using the the Quick-Step Incizo profile and the aluminium base profile. The only condition is that the steps of your staircase must be straight and not rounded.

Here's how it works:

  1. Glue and screw the aluminium base profile on the step nose.
  2. Glue a cut to size hardwood panel with Quick-Step One4All glue to the riser. Use spacers to ensure that sufficient space is left underneath to fit in the wood panel of the step.
  3. Apply glue to the base profile and the step. Spread out the glue across the base profile.
  4. Place a hardwood plank on the step with the underside of the tongue against the edge of the front of the base profile.
  5. Push the associated plastic strip (white, blue or black) on the tongue of the plank.
  6. Apply glue to both sides of the Incizo base profile.
  7. Press the Incizo profile onto the base profile.

After 24h of drying you can use your stairs.

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