A genuine passion for design

If you want a warm and authentic home interior, the natural charm of genuine timber is definitely the way to go. Based on the latest trends in fashion, architecture, and interior design, Quick-Step creates a wood flooring match for every style. The guiding principle? A genuine passion for design.

Crafting tomorrow’s evergreens

Every wood type, surface effect and design in the Quick-Step wood flooring collection is inspired by a number of sources: innovative architecture, interior design and fashion trends, the latest blogs, the hippest cities, and up-and-coming artists. This allows the team of designers to spot trends before they happen, and differentiate between hype and timelessness. As a result, your Quick-Step hardwood floor will be as en vogue tomorrow as it is today.

Passionate about details

From creating the perfect structure for the plank and the appropriate board size, to carefully balancing colours and bevels: Quick-Step’s wood floors are in a league of their own because of the meticulous attention to detail. The design team is dedicated to crafting your dream floor, scrutinizing every step of the process.

Variano: floors with an eye for exquisiteness

Thanks to the oak engineered floor boards, Quick-Step Variano floors boast a truly unique look that resembles a renovated, reclaimed wood floor. The secret lies in the details: all aged edges, cracked knots, saw cut textures and colour variations only add to the floors’ authentic character.