Quick-Step vinyl flooring: designed down to the details

Quick-Step vinyl flooring boosts a wide range of natural-looking wood and stone designs, driven by our designers’ relentless search for the latest and greatest trends in architecture, fashion and interior design . As a result, each floor has its own story and unique look and feel, with carefully selected structures, treatments, and finishes. You get to enjoy a floor that fits your taste and interior perfectly and will become a timeless classic. .


Vinyl flooring with elegant wood structure

Elegant wood structure

A subtle surface texture with a fine grain structure that gives a wood effect with a very natural look and feel.

Vinyl flooring with natural wood structure

Natural wood structure

A surface texture where the grain, knots and cracks that are visible in the design can also be felt in the surface structure. Just like real wood.

Vinyl flooring with intense wood structure

Intense wood structure

This distinct structure has varying depths and gloss levels accentuating the knots and cracks. The design and surface structure is more pronounced than the natural wood structure.

Vinyl flooring with stone structure

Stone structure

A surface texture that realistically displays the structure of a stone pattern.



A surface effect that gives the appearance of brushed wood. The brushed treatment adds depth and authenticity to a Livyn floor.

Saw cut

This effect gives the impression of rough sawn wood thanks to the visible and tangible saw cuts.



Vinyl flooring with a matt finish

Matt finish

A matt gloss giving the floor a very natural look.

Rustic bevel vinyl flooring

Rustic bevel

Distinctive dark coloured bevel emphasising the rustic and reclaimed character of the floor.

Modern bevel vinyl flooring

Modern bevel

The bevel defines the plank edges resulting in a clean, modern look.

Nano bevel vinyl flooring

Nano bevel

Fine nano-beveled edges offer the look of a minimalistic, modern floor.

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Lively colours, distinguished patterns, edgy structures, meticulous details… Our rigid and flexible luxury vinyl floors come in a wide range of designs. With nature as our main inspiration, there is bound to be a floor that suits your taste, room, or project.

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