Luxury vinyl floors with warm, natural designs

Quick-Step luxury vinyl floors aren’t just a pleasure to walk on; they’re also a delight for the eyes. That’s because Quick-Step designers keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in architecture, fashion and interior design to craft timeless classics. And thanks to cutting-edge production technologies, the vinyl floors present an unprecedented level of realism. Natural wood or stone? There is a luxury vinyl design for every interior.

Trendy today, a classic tomorrow

Quick-Step’s vinyl flooring designers draw inspiration from various sources: from ground-breaking architecture and the latest trends in interior design and fashion, to popular blogs, hip cities, and emerging artists. This allows them to spot new trends before they become established, and tell the difference between hype and timelessness. The result? Quick-Step luxury vinyl floors are the trendsetters of today and the timeless classics of tomorrow.

It’s all in the details

Every day, the designers work closely to create unique floors, with new and exciting combinations of textures and materials, colours and designs. No detail goes unnoticed throughout the process: from structure and size to colour, balance and bevel.

Unique and authentic appearance

Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring comes in a varied palette of colours and designs, each with a unique and authentic appearance: from real-life details to stunning structures and fascinating colour variations. The high-grade printing technique used for the Quick-Step luxury vinyl design layer gives your floor its unique and authentic appearance. And with a range of perfectly matching accessories, you can give your floor a natural look like no other.

Realistic wood & stone designs

The authentic appearance of wood, or the down-to-earth aura of natural stone? Whichever you prefer, our vinyl flooring collections are designed with maximum realism in mind. V-grooved boards will create an authentic plank effect; deep surface structures will ooze naturalness... And thanks to their unique texture and matt finish, all collections will redefine realism in vinyl flooring.

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