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Explore Quick-Step’s comprehensive collection of laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood floors. Use the filters to find floors based on specific colours, wood species, dimensions or any other characteristic. Not sure where to start? Try our FloorExplorer to find out which floors best match your needs and style.

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Natural Largo Laminate Long Island oak natural LPU1661
Long Island oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1661
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Authentic oak LPU1505
Authentic oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1505
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Pacific oak LPU1507
Pacific oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1507
41.49 £/m²
Natural Largo Laminate Cambridge oak natural LPU1662
Cambridge oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1662
41.49 £/m²
Dark grey Largo Laminate Grey vintage oak LPU3986
Grey vintage oak
Laminate - Largo LPU3986
41.49 £/m²
Red Largo Laminate Natural varnished merbau LPU3988
Natural varnished merbau
Laminate - Largo LPU3988
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Light Rustic Oak Planks LPU1396
Light Rustic Oak Planks
Laminate - Largo LPU1396
41.49 £/m²
Dark brown Largo Laminate Cambridge oak dark LPU1664
Cambridge oak dark
Laminate - Largo LPU1664
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Dominicano oak grey LPU1663
Dominicano oak grey
Laminate - Largo LPU1663
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate Long Island oak light LPU1660
Long Island oak light
Laminate - Largo LPU1660
41.49 £/m²
Light grey Largo Laminate White vintage oak LPU3985
White vintage oak
Laminate - Largo LPU3985
41.49 £/m²
Beige Largo Laminate Dominicano oak natural LPU1622
Dominicano oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1622
41.49 £/m²
Natural Largo Laminate Natural varnished oak LPU1284
Natural varnished oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1284
41.49 £/m²
Beige Largo Laminate White varnished oak LPU1283
White varnished oak
Laminate - Largo LPU1283
41.49 £/m²