Why you'll love oak wood flooring

Why you'll love oak wood flooring

Oak is undoubtedly one of the most popular flooring materials out there. A symbol of strength and refinement, oak flooring is loved by millions because of its elegant appearance, incredible durability and timelessness. And we do mean ‘timeless’ in every sense of the word: not only will oak flooring always stay in style, an oak floor is designed to last for decades as well.

This also means that an oak floor adds significant value to your house. Add to this a wide variety of colours and styles, and you’ll understand why oak is a solid investment — both financially and in terms of style.

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Why you'll love oak flooring...

Quick-Step oak wood flooring, endless choice

Endless choice

Oak flooring comes in a variety of colours, finishing options (saw cuts, scraped, worn, reclaimed, fumed) and patterns. Its versatility ensures that you can easily adapt your flooring to your interior style as well. If you love the look of oak but want something more budget-friendly, be sure to take a look at our laminate and vinyl floorings options with a natural oak appearance.

Quick-Step oak flooring, high durability

High durability

Oak hardwood flooring lasts for many years thanks to its high hardness and wear-resistance. If you opt for laminate or vinyl flooring with an oak design, you’ll benefit from Quick-Step’s unique Scratch Guard™ technology. This unique top layer protects offers superior protection against wear and scratches.

Quick-Step oak flooring, easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Wood floors are fast and easy to keep clean. What’s more, because Quick-Step’s (oak) hardwood floors are finished with high-quality oil or lacquer, they require minimal care. Prefer something that’s even easier to maintain? Our vinyl and laminate flooring with natural oak appearance provide the ultimate peace of mind and offer excellent protection against water.

Quick-Step oak flooring, easy installation

Easy installation

The renowned and patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems make installing an oak floor quick and easy. No need for nails or glue: a simple click suffices.

Quick-Step oak flooring, a smart investment

A smart investment

Because of its timelessness and extreme durability, oak hardwood flooring is an excellent investment. Quick-Step even offers 20 years of warranty on vinyl, 25 years on most laminate, and lifetime on wood.





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