White flooring by Quick-Step

White floors

Want to make a room feel more spacious? A white floor is cool and fresh – the perfect foundation for your interior. Due to its association with cleanliness, white is an ideal option for bathrooms or kitchens. But this neutral canvas can give any room a boost. Additionally, because the colour white stands for peace and serenity, your home will be a soothing retreat from the outside world.

Why white flooring is an excellent choice

Blank canvas

Use a classic and pure white floor as a base for bright colours or combine it with the warmth of darker-coloured wood. This approach counters the sterility of an all-white interior. Combining white with darker hues or bright colours creates contrast and softens the colours matched with the white floor.

Be daring, experiment with statement furniture and design a space that is tailored to you. White floors also work particularly well in Scandinavian-inspired settings. And don’t forget to play around with different textures in your interior!

The right white floor

Real wood is an unsurpassable classic, but today’s economical alternatives such as laminate and vinyl provide an equally natural look while also being maintenance friendly. No matter what your needs may be, there is a white floor that meets them.

White laminate flooring

White laminate flooring - why?

White vinyl flooring

White vinyl flooring - why?

White wood flooring

White wood flooring - why?

Find your favourite white floor

White Impressive Laminate White planks IM1859
White planks
Laminate - Impressive IM1859
30.29 £/m²
White Eligna Laminate Wengé passionata EL1300
Wengé passionata
Laminate - Eligna EL1300
26.49 £/m²
White Ambient Click Vinyl Marble Carrara White AMCL40136
Marble Carrara White
Vinyl - Ambient Click AMCL40136
39.49 £/m²
White Impressive Ultra Laminate White planks IMU1859
White planks
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1859
42.99 £/m²
White Ambient Click Plus Vinyl Marble Carrara White AMCP40136
Marble Carrara White
Vinyl - Ambient Click Plus AMCP40136
43.49 £/m²
White Classic Laminate Bleached white teak CLM1290
Bleached white teak
Laminate - Classic CLM1290
25.49 £/m²
White Ambient Glue Plus Vinyl Marble Carrara White AMGP40136
Marble Carrara White
Vinyl - Ambient Glue Plus AMGP40136
32.99 £/m²
White Capture Laminate White premium oak SIG4757
White premium oak
Laminate - Capture SIG4757
37.99 £/m²
White Balance Click Vinyl Velvet Oak Light BACL40157
Velvet Oak Light
Vinyl - Balance Click BACL40157
39.49 £/m²
White Capture Laminate Soft patina oak SIG4748
Soft patina oak
Laminate - Capture SIG4748
37.99 £/m²
White Capture Laminate Painted oak white SIG4753
Painted oak white
Laminate - Capture SIG4753
37.99 £/m²
White Balance Click Plus Vinyl Velvet Oak Light BACP40157
Velvet Oak Light
Vinyl - Balance Click Plus BACP40157
43.49 £/m²
White Balance Glue Plus Vinyl Velvet Oak Light BAGP40157
Velvet Oak Light
Vinyl - Balance Glue Plus BAGP40157
32.99 £/m²
White Pulse Click Vinyl Cotton Oak White Blush PUCL40200
Cotton Oak White Blush
Vinyl - Pulse Click PUCL40200
45.49 £/m²
White Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks Vinyl Cotton oak white blush AVMP40200
Cotton oak white blush
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks AVMP40200
47.99 £/m²
White Palazzo Hardwood Frozen oak extra matt PAL3562S
Frozen oak extra matt
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3562S
72.99 £/m²
White Pulse Click Vinyl Snow Pine PUCL40204
Snow Pine
Vinyl - Pulse Click PUCL40204
45.49 £/m²
White Imperio Hardwood Everest white oak extra matt IMP3793S
Everest white oak extra matt
Hardwood - Imperio IMP3793S
87.49 £/m²
White Alpha Vinyl Tiles Vinyl Marble Carrara white AVST40136
Marble Carrara white
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Tiles AVST40136
43.49 £/m²
White Disegno Hardwood Creamy oak extra matt DIS4856S
Creamy oak extra matt
Hardwood - Disegno DIS4856S
71.99 £/m²