Vinyl floor tiles: the best of both worlds

Vinyl flooring tiles: the best of both worlds

Whoever claims that vinyl flooring looks cheap and boring hasn’t been paying enough attention lately. Today’s vinyl flooring has evolved into luxurious, natural-looking alternatives to wood or laminate floors, with plenty of practical benefits. Vinyl tile floors combine easy installation, warmth and durability with the characteristic look and feel of tile floors. What’s more, they can withstand lots of traffic, are comfortable to walk on, and extremely easy to clean. In short, they are much more than just a budget-friendly alternative to solid wood or tiles.

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Quick-Step vinyl floor tiles, natural look

Natural look

Quick-Step luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in various colours and designs, each with its own unique and authentic appearance: from highly realistic textures, to stunning structures and fascinating colour variations. This makes them the perfect alternative to stone, ceramic or concrete tiles

Quick-Step vinyl floor tiles, easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

All of Quick-Step’s vinyl flooring is equipped with our unique ScratchGuard™ technology, which offers excellent protection against scratches.

Quick-Step vinyl floor tiles, easy installation

Easy installation

Thanks to our world-renowned and patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems, installing a vinyl tile floor is much easier than installing a stone tile floor.


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