How to find your perfect floor?

With so many floors to choose from, finding a floor that’s just right for your taste and budget, can be a bit of a challenge. But no worries… We have developed some easy online tools that will guide you on your pursuit for the right floor… until you finally find an option that feels just perfect. Ready?

Find your favourite floor


Which floors are the best choice for your room and style? In three easy steps the FloorExplorer will build you an inspiring moodboard containing only flooring options that meet your needs and personality.

Get a lifelike preview


You’ve shortlisted your favourite floors? Great! Now it’s time to preview them in a lifelike environment - or in your own interior based on a picture you’ve uploaded. Thanks to these highly realistic previews in the RoomViewer tool, it’s a lot easier to make your final decision.

Compare side by side


Having a hard time understanding floors’ similarities and differences? No problem! You can add up to three floors to the Floor Comparison for a simple ‘side-by-side’ comparison of designs, technical specifications and other characteristics. Picking the perfect floor couldn’t be any easier…