Majestic laminate flooring

Extra long & extra wide laminate flooring

Do you dream of adding an extra special touch to your interior to make it a little more remarkable and exclusive? The new Majestic collection from Quick-Step does exactly that. With their extra-wide and extra-long planks, Majestic floors will add a luxurious and royal ambience to your home.

Make a big impact with Majestic laminate flooring

A new level in luxury

Take your interior to a new level in luxury and spaciousness with Quick-Step’s longest & widest laminate flooring boards ever made. The planks of Majestic floors will make a big impression with their true-to-nature colours and textures, as well as extreme water resistance. All of this is combined in a striking format of 2.05 m x 24 cm that will breathe life into your interior.

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Why you'll love Majestic laminate flooring...

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate flooring, Extra wide and long

Extra wide and long planks

Generously wide, luxuriously long planks (205 cm x 24 cm) bring spacious ambiance to your home.

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate flooring, Extremely water resistant

Extremely water-resistant 

Treated with a unique Hydroseal water-repellent coating, Majestic floors offer the ultimate in water resistance, making them the perfect fit for kitchens and bathrooms.

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate flooring, Maximum authenticity

Maximum authenticity 

The Majestic collection highlights natural wood’s most appealing structures and authentic grooves, for the world’s most beautiful laminate floors.

Majestic laminate: perfectly natural look

Majestic laminate: superior scratch resistant

Majestic laminate: extremely water-resistant

Majestic laminate: extra long and extra wide

Discover the entire 'Majestic' collection:

Ten trendy colours to choose from means that you can let your imagination soar. The Majestic collection offers the perfect complement to any space.

Natural Majestic Laminate Desert Oak Warm Natural MJ3551
Desert Oak Warm Natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3551
39.49 £/m²
Natural Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Natural MJ3546
Woodland Oak Natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3546
39.49 £/m²
Dark grey Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Brown MJ3548
Woodland Oak Brown
Laminate - Majestic MJ3548
39.49 £/m²
Light grey Majestic Laminate Desert Oak Brushed Grey MJ3552
Desert Oak Brushed Grey
Laminate - Majestic MJ3552
39.49 £/m²
Beige Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Beige MJ3545
Woodland Oak Beige
Laminate - Majestic MJ3545
39.49 £/m²
Beige Majestic Laminate Desert Oak Light Natural MJ3550
Desert Oak Light Natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3550
39.49 £/m²
Natural Majestic Laminate Valley Oak Light Brown MJ3555
Valley Oak Light Brown
Laminate - Majestic MJ3555
39.49 £/m²
Light grey Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Light Grey MJ3547
Woodland Oak Light Grey
Laminate - Majestic MJ3547
39.49 £/m²
Beige Majestic Laminate Valley Oak Light Beige MJ3554
Valley Oak Light Beige
Laminate - Majestic MJ3554
39.49 £/m²
Dark brown Majestic Laminate Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown MJ3553
Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown
Laminate - Majestic MJ3553
39.49 £/m²