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Grey floors

Grey flooring is increasingly popular, and with good reason. Grey is a versatile colour that comes in both cool and warm shades. It’s also a neutral colour, which means the possibilities are endless. We love this modern classic, and we think you will too!

Why grey flooring is a great choice

Endless combinations

Grey can be used as a foundation for countless interior styles, allowing for both subtle and bold looks. Because grey is neutral, it works well with almost every other colour, making it one of the easiest colours to combine. For that reason alone, grey is here to stay!

Use a grey floor as a base for bright and colourful décor, combining it with red, mustard or orange accents to create a lively, fun space. Or, go for an edgy vibe with metallic colours like gold or silver.

Choose what works for you

Grey wood floors are an unsurpassable classic, but there are high-quality alternatives on today’s market. Laminate and vinyl are both maintenance-friendly and pleasurable to walk on. Whichever flooring solution you choose, grey is bound to be the perfect canvas for your interior.

Grey laminate flooring

Grey laminate flooring - why?

Grey vinyl flooring

Grey vinyl flooring - why?

Grey wood flooring

Grey wood flooring - why?

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