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Black floors

Ponder the associations often made with the colour black: style, elegance, luxury and mystery. Now consider how black flooring makes a room look more spacious, warm and authentic when combined with bright colours, mirrors or prominent decoration pieces. That’s why we keep going back to black!

Why black flooring is an excellent choice

Chic & stylish

Black combines perfectly with almost any other colour. Against a powerful dark backdrop, intense colours create striking contrast, colourful design objects and furniture stand out, and metallics contribute to a chic, majestic interior that breathes class and taste.

The ultimate classic is pairing black with white. Combining these two extremes provides a touch of class and elegance to rooms such as entrance halls and bathrooms. Or, why not try it out in your kitchen?

Black flooring options

Now ask yourself: why not make a black floor the basis of your interior? Black wood floors are an unsurpassable classic, although today’s maintenance-friendly and economical alternatives such as laminate and vinyl provide a nearly natural appearance. Whichever style you choose, we guarantee a timeless and elegant look.

Black laminate flooring

Black laminate flooring - why?

Black vinyl flooring

Black vinyl flooring - why?

Black wood flooring

Black wood flooring - why?

Find your favourite black floor

Black Impressive Laminate Burned planks IM1862
Burned planks
Laminate - Impressive IM1862
30.29 £/m²
Black Eligna Laminate Newcastle oak dark EL3581
Newcastle oak dark
Laminate - Eligna EL3581
26.49 £/m²
Black Impressive Ultra Laminate Burned planks IMU1862
Burned planks
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1862
42.99 £/m²
Black Ambient Click Vinyl Black slate AMCL40035
Black slate
Vinyl - Ambient Click AMCL40035
39.49 £/m²
Black Ambient Click Plus Vinyl Black slate AMCP40035
Black slate
Vinyl - Ambient Click Plus AMCP40035
43.49 £/m²
Black Ambient Glue Plus Vinyl Black slate AMGP40035
Black slate
Vinyl - Ambient Glue Plus AMGP40035
32.99 £/m²
Black Palazzo Hardwood Midnight oak oiled PAL3889S
Midnight oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3889S
72.99 £/m²
Black Capture Laminate Painted oak black SIG4755
Painted oak black
Laminate - Capture SIG4755
37.99 £/m²
Black Alpha Vinyl Tiles Vinyl Volcanic rock AVST40231
Volcanic rock
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Tiles AVST40231
43.49 £/m²
Black Alpha Vinyl Tiles Vinyl Black slate AVST40035
Black slate
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Tiles AVST40035
43.49 £/m²
Black Alpha Vinyl Medium Tiles Vinyl Black slate AVMT40035
Black slate
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Medium Tiles AVMT40035
47.99 £/m²
Black Alpha Vinyl Medium Tiles Vinyl Volcanic rock AVMT40231
Volcanic rock
Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Medium Tiles AVMT40231
47.99 £/m²
Black Muse Laminate Black slate MUS5492
Black slate
Laminate - Muse MUS5492
34.99 £/m²