Black wood flooring is a great choice for your interior

Why black wood flooring is an excellent choice

Creating space

Ponder the associations often made with the colour black: style, elegance, luxury and mystery. Now consider the fact that wood adds value, warmth and authenticity to a room. Indeed, sometimes 1 + 1 is 3. This is true especially in the case of black wood flooring, which makes a room look more spacious when combined with bright colours, mirrors or prominent decoration pieces.

Chic & stylish

Black combines perfectly with almost any other colour. Against a powerful dark backdrop, intense colours create striking contrast, colourful design objects and furniture stand out, while metallics contribute to a chic, majestic interior that breathes class and taste.

The ultimate classic is pairing black with white. Combining these two extremes provides a touch of class and elegance to rooms such as entrance halls and bathrooms. Or why not try it out in a living area, such as a kitchen?

Black flooring options

Now ask yourself: why not make a black wood floor the basis of your décor? Real wood is an unsurpassable classic, although today’s maintenance-friendly and economical alternatives such as laminate and vinyl provide a nearly natural appearance.

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Why you'll love Quick-Step's black wood flooring...

Quick-Step vinyl and laminate flooring, natural look

Plenty of choice 

Ranging from black laminate and vinyl to real engineered wood, there’s an option for every room, style and budget. All materials come in a range of different colours, patterns and finishing options to choose from.



Quick-Step black wood flooring, easy installation

Easy installation

Forget glue and nails: a simple click is enough to instantly place your Quick-Step panels. Required: minimal effort. The renowned and patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems make installing your Quick-Step floor quick, easy and fun.



Quick-Step black wood flooring, matching accessories

More than floors

Want to finish your floor to perfection? Quick-Step provides not only the cake, but the icing, too. Discover our broad offering of skirting boards, profiles and mouldings for the perfect finishing touch.

Quick-Step black wood flooring, long term warranty

Long-term warranty

Installing a Quick-Step floor means laying the foundation for long-term peace of mind at the same time. All Quick-Step floors come with a warranty of at least 20 years.



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