Can I use another vinyl underlay than the one proposed by Quick-Step?

FAQs on vinyl flooring

Can I use another vinyl underlay than the one proposed by Quick-Step?

Yes, but be careful. Not all underlays are suited for vinyl floors. Any problems with your floor related to a non-Unilin underlay will void your warranty.

Benefits of using a Quick-Step underlay:

  • It levels your floor: the Quick-Step vinyl underlay helps prevent irregularities.
  • It reduces impact sound: without an underlay, Luxury Vinyl Tiles have a very low impact sound reduction capacity (for example, adding the basic underlay reduces impact sound by up to 16 dB).
  • It is perfectly smooth and therefore ideal for the Uniclic system. 
  • It is perfectly suitable for use with underfloor heating or cooling.
  • It eliminates the creaking noise of small dust and other particles underneath the floor.
  • The density and thickness of Quick-Step underlays is optimised for Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl Tile floors. Using a different underlay may damage your floor and void your warranty. Check the warranty document that comes with your product for specific terms and conditions.
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