Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed around my stove?

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Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed around my stove?

Yes, it can. However, you should consider a number of things.

First things first – stoves can be heavy. The stove’s legs should be large enough in order to reduce the point load on your laminate floor. Make sure the contact surface for each leg measures at least 4 square inches (2x2 inches) or 25 cm² (5x5 cm). If not, we advise you to install a solid (metal or glass) underlay underneath the legs in order to ensure a better weight distribution*.

In some cases the area around and underneath a fireplace might get too hot, causing unnecessary tension on the flooring joints. Usually, installing a metal or glass underlay can solve the problem. This underlay evenly distributes both the stove’s weight and the radiated heat, thus protecting your floor from any damage.

Sometimes, when you open a stove door, sparks can enter the room and leave little burning spots on your floor. But playing with fire won’t always get you burnt: a protective underlay can prevent burning spots and makes sure your laminate floor stays brand new.

*These precautionary measures also apply to other heavy pieces of furniture, such as aquariums.

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