How to keep your wood floor look beautiful for many years?

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How to keep your wood floor look beautiful for many years?

Thanks to its cutting-edge structure, Quick-Step wood flooring will easily stand the tests of time. Discover what you can do to extend your Parquet’s lifespan even more.

1. Clean your floor regularly

Once installed, a Quick-Step hardwood floor is immediately ready for use. However, if you want to clean it first, don’t use any protective products. Just remove all dust and loose dirt with a soft broom and a dust pan. If you wish to use a moist mop, be sure to follow these instructions for more intensive cleaning:

1. Dilute 1 cap of Quick-Step cleaning product in a 5-litre bucket of water;

2. Soak the Quick-Step cleaning mop in this solution;

3. Wring out well;

4. Make sure the mop is only slightly moist before cleaning the floor;

5. Always move the Quick-Step cleaning mop backwards towards you and make a zigzag movement across the floor;

6. Wipe the whole floor without lifting the microfiber tissue;

7. Wipe in the lengthways direction of the panels;

8. Spread the solution evenly across the whole floor;

9. Never pour the bucket of solution across the floor;

10. Always wipe dry with a microfiber cloth until no more moisture is visible on the floor.

2. Give your floor the appropriate treatment

Like natural stone, oiled hardwood floors need to be treated regularly. Oiling stops your parquet from looking dry and dull. With the right oil, such as the Quick-Step Oil Care, you can bring out its natural beauty.

For oiled wood floors that need intense care and repair, you can use the Quick-Step Maintenance Oil. For intense care and repair, use the Quick-Step Maintenance Oil every 6-12 months.

3. Check the humidity in your home

The right humidity in a room (between 40 and 60%) is crucial to protect your floor. Warm air easily becomes too humid, potentially making the wood planks expand. The colder the air, the less water it contains, which can make wood shrink. During winter, heating systems further dehydrate the air indoors.

A hygrometer can give you the specifics about the humidity in your home. Make sure to attach it to an indoor wall, not too close to a window. If the air is too dry or humid, humidifiers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers can do the trick.

4. Ask for a bit of green help

There’s also a natural way of solving room humidity problems: houseplants. They release oxygen, moisten the air and purify it: that’s not only good for your hardwood floor, but for your health as well. A double win!

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