Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl

Rigid vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Rigid vinyl flooring is here to stay. Your kids could easily drop a full bowl of tomato soup on this floor without leaving a dent or stain. Its gorgeous natural designs will stand the test of time easily. It’s both the strongest and softest floor you’ll ever walk on, and it doesn’t even require surface preparation.

Why you’ll love our rigid vinyl flooring

Strong vinyl flooring


Sit back and relax. Heavy objects that accidently crash into your new rigid floor won’t leave a mark - thanks to the floor’s solid vinyl core with extra glas-fiber protection. You can even install your brand-new rigid vinyl floor on top of an existing floor without surface preparation.
Soft and warm vinyl flooring

Soft, warm & quiet

Comfortably stroll around your house with your morning coffee. The softest rigid vinyl flooring on the market is a pleasure to walk on – even barefoot. Would you rather keep your shoes on? Its sound absorbing qualities guarantee a pleasant acoustic experience.
Stain resistant vinyl floors


The sealed top layer of your Quick-Step vinyl floor features our revolutionary Stain Guard technology. The best stain resistance technology of its kind, it keeps your floor spotless and gives dirt and even scuff marks no chance.

Revolutionary strength? See it with your own eyes!

Seeing is believing… That's why we decided to put our new Quick-Step Rigid vinyl flooring to the test. See for yourself how Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl sets itself apart in a head-to-head challenge with a competitor's product.

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