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Pure oak blush

Vinyl - Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks | AVMP40097
41.49 £/m²
£ 77.71
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Length 1494 mm
Width 209 mm
Height 5 mm
m²/pack 1.873
Planks/pack 6

Technical information

Installation method Click
Click system Uniclic
Number of grooves 4 grooves
Type of grooves Genuine bevel
Floor Heating Compatible with floor heating
Water resistant technology Hydroseal
Warranty 25 years warranty
Color Beige
Wood species Oak
Gloss level Matt
Usage class Class 33

Scratch & Stain Guard

Enjoy your vinyl floor for many years to come thanks to the sealed top layer with Stain and Scratch Guard technology. This layer ensures superior protection from scratches, stains, dirt and scuff marks.

Water resistant

Say goodbye to moisture problems by choosing for a water resistant Quick-Step floor. These floors don't just look exceptionally stylish and natural, they are also 100% resistant to surface moisture, which makes cleaning easier than ever!


Quick-Step is the inventor of the Uniclic installation system, today the standard click-to-install system. Use the revolutionary and patented click system to effortlessly click your floor planks together.

Perfection is in the details. That's why, next to our floors, we also offer plenty of accessories - including underlays, skirting boards, profiles and much more - to finish your floor to perfection.
QSVUDLCOMFORT15 Vinyl Accessories Comfort Underlay QSVUDLCOMFORT15
Comfort Underlay
Comfort Underlay QSVUDLCOMFORT15
5.19 £/m²
QSVUDLHEAT10​ Vinyl Accessories Heat Underlay QSVUDLHEAT10
Heat Underlay
Heat Underlay QSVUDLHEAT10
7.79 £/m²
QSVUDLTRANSIT15 Vinyl Accessories Transit Underlay QSVUDLTRANSIT15
Transit Underlay
Transit Underlay QSVUDLTRANSIT15
8.14 £/m²
QSVSCOT Vinyl Accessories Pure oak blush QSVSCOT40097
Pure oak blush
Scotia QSVSCOT40097
4.15 £/m
QSFLEXSKR Laminate Accessories Flexible Paintable Skirting QSFLEXSKR
Flexible Paintable Skirting
Flexible Paintable Skirting QSFLEXSKR
17.67 £/m
NEVSKRPAINTA Vinyl Accessories White Paintable Waterproof Skirting NEVSKRPAINTA
White Paintable Waterproof Skirting
Wallbase, paintable NEVSKRPAINTA
7.27 £/m
QSVSK Vinyl Accessories Pure oak blush QSVSK40097
Pure oak blush
Standard Skirting QSVSK40097
6.23 £/m
NEVRENPSILV Vinyl Accessories End Profile (Rigid) NEVRENPSILV
End Profile (Rigid)
15.59 £/m
NEVRADPSILV Vinyl Accessories Adapter Profile (Rigid) NEVRADPSILV
Adapter Profile (Rigid)
Adapter Profile NEVRADPSILV
15.59 £/m
QSVINCP Vinyl Accessories Pure oak blush QSVINCP40097
Pure oak blush
Incizo Profile QSVINCP40097
27.55 £/m
NEVRADPCOMSILV Vinyl Accessories Adapter Profile Commercial Use NEVRADPCOMSILV
Adapter Profile Commercial Use
Adapter Profile, commercial NEVRADPCOMSILV
16.63 £/m
QSPRSILV Laminate Accessories Multifunctional Profile Silver QSPRSILV
Multifunctional Profile Silver
Multifunctional Profile Silver QSPRSILV
24.95 £/m
NEVREXPSILV Vinyl Accessories Expansion Profile (Rigid) NEVREXPSILV
Expansion Profile (Rigid)
Expansion Profile NEVREXPSILV
15.59 £/m
NEVREXPCOMSILV Vinyl Accessories Expansion Profile Commercial Use NEVREXPCOMSILV
Expansion Profile Commercial Use
Expansion Profile, commercial NEVREXPCOMSILV
16.63 £/m
NEVINCPBASE Vinyl Accessories Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs NEVINCPBASE1
Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs
Incizo Aluminium Subprofile For Stairs NEVINCPBASE1
15.59 £/m
NEVRENPCOMSILV Vinyl Accessories End Profile Commercial Use NEVRENPCOMSILV
End Profile Commercial Use
End Profile, commercial NEVRENPCOMSILV
16.63 £/m
QSCLEANING2500 Laminate Accessories Maintenance Product 2,5L QSCLEANING2500
Maintenance Product 2,5L
Maintenance Product 2,5 L QSCLEANING2500
22.35 £/piece
QSSPRAYMOP Laminate Accessories Cleaning Mop QSSPRAYMOP
Cleaning Mop
14.03 £/piece
QSCLEANING1000 Laminate Accessories Maintenance Product 1 L QSCLEANING1000
Maintenance Product 1 L
Maintenance Product 1 L QSCLEANING1000
13.49 £/piece
QSSPRAYKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning Kit QSSPRAYKIT
Cleaning Kit
48.87 £/piece
QSVKNIFEB Vinyl Accessories Vinyl Knife QSVKNIFEB
Vinyl Knife
43.67 £/piece
QSTOOL Laminate Accessories Laminate And Parquet Installation Set QSTOOLA
Laminate And Parquet Installation Set
Laminate and Parquet Installation Set QSTOOLA
14.55 £/piece
QSKIT Laminate Accessories Kit QSKIT02
16.63 £/piece
NEHSTRIPSCOT15 Laminate Accessories Hydrostrip for scotia NEHSTRIPSCOT15
Hydrostrip for scotia
Hydrostrip for scotia NEHSTRIPSCOT15
1.55 £/m
QSGLUE290 Laminate Accessories One4All Glue QSGLUE290
One4All Glue
One4All Glue QSGLUE290
15.59 £/piece
QSREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair Kit QSREPAIR
Repair Kit
47.83 £/piece
NEVKNIFEREFILL40 Vinyl Accessories Refill Set for Vinyl Cutter Knife NEVKNIFEREFILL40
Refill Set for Vinyl Cutter Knife
Refill Set for Vinyl Cutter Knife NEVKNIFEREFILL40
72.79 £/piece
NEHSTRIPSK15 Laminate Accessories Hydrostrip for skirtings NEHSTRIPSK15
Hydrostrip for skirtings
Hydrostrip for skirtings NEHSTRIPSK15
1.55 £/m
NEPLUG Laminate Accessories Plugs for Skirtings NEPLUG
Plugs for Skirtings
Plugs for Skirtings NEPLUG
8.31 £/piece
QSRCINOX15 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm) QSRCINOX15
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm)
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm) QSRCINOX15
24.43 £/piece
QSRCINOX22 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 22mm) QSRCINOX22
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 22mm)
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 22mm) QSRCINOX22
24.43 £/piece
NEVRFOAMSTRIP15 Vinyl Accessories Expansion Joint Foam Strip NEVRFOAMSTRIP15
Expansion Joint Foam Strip
Expansion Joint Foam Strip NEVRFOAMSTRIP15
0.51 £/m
QSKITTRANSP Laminate Accessories Hydrokit QSKITTRANSP
19.75 £/piece
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