How Livyn Luxury Vinyl can transform your interior

After moving to a new house, Ruben Deschamps decided to turn his living room into a genuine Livyn room. He’s happy to share his story and experiences.

A clever renovation

Settling into a new home often implies a lot of renovating. “With Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl, renovating our living-room flooring was a piece of cake”, Ruben explains. “We simply laid our new vinyl floor on top of the existing tile floor. No removal or dismantling work was needed.”

Family material

Vinyl is the ideal flooring solution for family homes. Forget urging your children to take off their shoes in the house over and over: your floor will do the trick. “Once we step into our living room, we simply can’t resist the warm feeling of vinyl on our bare feet”, says Ruben. “Our daughters love playing and crawling around on the soft surface and – what’s more – it turned out to be very easy to clean as well.”

From cold to cosy

By replacing his original white floor by a Quick-Step vinyl floor, Ruben completely changed the overall look and feel of his living room. “It went through an amazing metamorphosis”, he says. “Besides the warm vinyl floor, we also added bright colours to the walls and some of the cupboards. Now the room looks cosy and inviting; just the way we always wanted!”



 Quick-Step Livyn living room Before Quick-Step Livyn living room After