Give your stairs a new look with laminate, parquet or vinyl

Quick-Step boards are the ideal solution for your floor, but did you know that they are also the perfect makeover for your stairs? With the help of the right profiles you can easily cover a new staircase or renovate an existing one.

Quick-Step boards

Quick-Step laminate boards, parquet boards and vinyl options can all be used as stair finishes. You will certainly find the solution you are looking for to cover a new staircase or renovate an existing one.

Quick and easy to install

The Incizo profile makes it easy to renovate all staircases: straight staircases, spiral staircases, with or without stair nosing, … With proper preparation, you can finish the job in 1 day to make your staircase match the rest of your home perfectly.
If you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can have the job done by a professional. On the Quick-Step website you can easily find a well-trained Master Installer who will give your staircase a quick and professional new look.