Quick-Step’s Virtual Floor Styler peeks into the future

From 20 March to 6 April, all eyes will be on Quick-Step at the Ideal Home Show - Britain’s biggest annual home exhibition. Because next to a full range of laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring, Quick-Step will also unveil its brand-new ‘Virtual Floor Styler. Come and discover a brand-new way to help you pick the perfect floor.

Unrivalled technology

Quick-Step’s Virtual Floor Styler uses the latest Oculus DK2 technology: a head-mounted display that immerses you into a computer-simulated, yet extremely realistic environment. The result? A unique 3D experience that allows you to select any floor you like and project it into a real-life interior.

But there’s more: using the tool, you can also walk around in the virtual room, zoom in on the floors and switch from one floor to another, as you stroll about. Kind of like stepping into a brochure that’s come to life!

Limitless inspiration

Why Quick-Step’s launches this next-gen floor finder tool? Because it’s the perfect way to find out whether a floor matches your home, personal taste and decoration style. “It’s meant to inspire people and help them visualise what their house would look like with a new floor”, says Tim Hennin, International E-Marketing Manager at Quick-Step.

“Our Virtual Floor Styler is absolutely unique in the flooring industry”, Tim adds. “It will make people feel more confident about their choice. No more doubts and no regrets!”

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