Quick-Step’s spanking new hardwood flooring

Since its launch in 2009, Quick-Step’s hardwood flooring has become more popular than ever. The reason behind this success? Top-notch quality, easy installation and modern designs. The newest floors in Quick-Step’s Palazzo, Variano and Compact collections stick to this tried and trusted recipe, offering the best of the latest interior trends.

Quick-Step's spanking new hardwood flooring

Palazzo: (im)perfect parquet

A majestic appearance, a familiar feel: there are many reasons why oak remains top of the league. Quick-Step launches no fewer than six new Palazzo oak floors, following two current trends. One introduces the natural imperfections of wood (in all its glory) into your home. The other dots the i’s and crosses the t’s with a refined and elegant, yet authentic look.

Variano: naturally warm

True to nature, Variano comes with countless variations in dimension, colour, structure and texture. While one plank is perfectly level, another will showcase cracked knots and saw cuts. Quick-Step’s new Variano floors — the champagne brut oak and painted white oak — are finished with an extra matt lacquer, adding to their natural look and feel. The first appear like rough timeless oak, while the latter have the romantic look of repainted, timeworn wood.


Compact: trendy by nature

Quick-Step’s Compact collection makes ‘hip’ rhyme with ‘quality’. Previously only available in white and natural oak colours, these floors will be enjoying the company of four brand-new tints, finished with a brushed surface and an extra matt lacquer. The result? An exclusive look that’s natural, warm and fresh at the same time.

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