Quick-Step’s brand values and cycling team: two sides of the same coin

Quick-Step is on the eve of its 17th successive year as one of the main sponsors of the acclaimed cycling team. Under the experienced management of Patrick Lefevere, the team will compete in the 2015 season under the new name ‘Etixx-Quick-Step’. In its 13th year as main sponsor, Quick-Step’s commitment to cycling is still sky-high. And the link between Quick-Step’s three brand values – innovation, design and quality – and the cycling team is stronger than ever.

Three core values

The reason why Quick-Step entered the world of cycling seventeen years ago, still stands: the approach and philosophy of the cycling team and its brand values are very similar. As a manufacturer of quality flooring solutions, Quick-Step abides by three core values. Paul De Cock, CEO of UNILIN’s flooring division: “Innovation, design and quality are the three brand promises that have been and will be key to our success. Our cycling team shares these values, which strengthens our reputation around the globe.”

Innovation: pioneering efforts that tip the scale

Both in Quick-Step’s facilities and in the cycling team, innovation is high up on the agenda. In-depth research culminates in new insights and materials. The cycling team works closely with the Bakala Academy, a Belgian-based performance centre for athletes, focussing on the impact of nutrition on athletic performance. Another example is the constant attention to small details that tip the scale, such as the state-of-the-art gear that contributed to winning the World Championship men’s team time trial twice. De Cock: “At Quick-Step, we come up with similar innovations. Continuous investment in research and development have led to numerous game-changing solutions like, for instance, our patented Uniclic click system for flooring, and the Impressive (Ultra) range, the world’s first water-resistant laminate flooring.”

Design: shaping the trends

Much like its customers and cycling fans, Quick-Step embraces fashion and style. It’s enough to take a glance at Belgian city streets to understand the link between design and cycling. From the exploding popularity of single-speed bikes, or ‘fixies’, to the rising number of touring cyclists: trends in cycling gear and clothing are gaining ground. As a cycling team, Etixx-Quick-Step is following and even shaping this retro trend, for example by re-introducing the good old cycling cap. In terms of clothing, the cyclists have their say, which results in a stylish line of clothing they all love to wear. “At Quick-Step, we see the same trends: our Variano engineered wood floor, for instance, follows the retro style,” De Cock continues. “We also reinvented the classical laminate patterns in our water-resistant Impressive (Ultra) range, with two of the sixteen new designs featuring distinct retro patterns.”

Quality: leaving nothing to chance

Both the cycling team and Quick-Step’s flooring solutions are synonymous with quality. The team only works with quality suppliers for all their materials, while the cyclists’ great condition is leveraged by the Bakala Academy. And just like Quick-Step runs meticulous quality tests after every step of the manufacturing process, the cyclists and their mechanics leave nothing to chance. It’s this hard work, and continual investment in innovation and research that have yielded an indisputable reputation for quality, both in sports and in interior design.

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