Green’ wooden flooring? Yes, you can!

Green wooden flooring: Carefully selected raw materials

1) Carefully selected raw materials

Not a single exotic tree is felled to make Quick-Step laminate flooring. All laminate boards contain more than 75% chipboard from sustainable wood sources. The wood used for the top layer of our floors only comes from certified, ecologically managed forests.

Quick-Step glue, lacquer and oil also meet the strictest international standards, so you will get to enjoy your wooden floor and peace of mind.

Green wooden flooring: Optimal energy efficiency

2) Optimal energy efficiency

Energy resources are precious, so Quick-Step has optimised the heat energy management at its plants in Belgium and Malaysia. It burns all wood milling and sawing residue in an incinerator. It then recovers and uses the energy this releases to manufacture its laminate and parquet.

Green wooden flooring: Smaller packaging

3) Smaller packaging

Quick-Step strives towards smaller packaging. We have drastically reduced the packaging for our ‘Exquisa’ laminate flooring. Compared to other products, the innovative ‘Exquisa’ packaging uses up to 50% less materials.

Discover our EXQUISA laminate flooring here. 

Green wooden flooring: Sustainably managed forests

4) Sustainably managed forests

We are proud of the fact that all Quick-Step parquet flooring bears the CE mark. But what does that mean exactly?

A CE mark indicates that our parquet flooring meets the EU standards for consumer protection, health, safety and the environment. All Quick-Step flooring has also been tested by accredited laboratories. This means that it does not only meet the CE standards, but also exceeds other minimum requirements.

Green wooden flooring: PEFC-certified

Quick-Step has also been PEFC-certified for many years. The PEFC label is issued by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and guarantees that all wood used for our wooden and laminate flooring comes from sustainably managed forests.

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