Find the floor of your dreams with the Floor Advisor

Picking the perfect floor for your room can be harder than it looks. After all, the floor is a key element in any interior; it’s really the ‘fifth wall’. Quick Step developed the ‘Floor Advisor’ to make that choice easier. This practical and user-friendly tool immediately gives you an accurate picture of what that new floor in your home will look like.

The Floor Advisor helps you make that crucial decision, one that is less than obvious due to the often limitless possibilities (materials, colours, ...). Several practical functions enable the user to make a well-considered choice:

Floor advisor. Pick a room

Pick a room

First and foremost, you have to select a room and style of interior that closely resembles that of the room in question. If you’re having trouble finding a suitable interior, you can simply upload a picture of the actual room to experiment with!

Floor advisor. Pick your colours

Pick your colours

As soon as you’ve selected a room you can start making adjustments based on your needs. For instance, you can change the colour of the walls and the furniture or you can even add virtual wallpaper.

Floor advisor. Pick a floor

Pick a floor

Does the interior on the Floor Advisor look exactly right? Then you can start the process of finding the perfect floor. You’ll be able to see at a glance what your room would look like with a Quick-Step laminate, parquet or vinyl floor.

Floor advisor. Pick an atmosphere

Pick an atmosphere

Would you like a preview of what your floor will look like both by day and in the evening? A single mouse click is enough to adjust the atmosphere to the right time of day.

Floor advisor

Did your find the floor of your dreams? All the details are at your disposal!

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