Did you know that... A floor can also be a time capsule?

Imagine suddenly finding newspapers from 1921 under your old floor and being catapulted almost 100 years back into the past… Actually, if you bought an old house with a wooden floor, chances are that old newspapers are hidden somewhere under the floorboards.

Newspaper under your floor

The story of history discovered

There are several reasons why newspapers used to be placed under wooden floors. First, they absorbed damp, so people believed they would make their floorboards more durable. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to put newspapers under the floor. The right underlay will easily prevent any damp problems. In the olden days, however, newspapers were one of the tricks people resorted to.

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Newspaper under floors

Always a mystery

Placing newspapers under floorboards was also a custom. People thought it would be nice for the future owner to take a look back at the past and to know when the floors were laid. The exact reasons will always remain a mystery, but old newspapers are a nice discovery for today’s explorers to make. Earlier this year some hidden old newspapers were found in Beekbergen, The Netherlands. The oldest newspaper was from 1930 and the most recent one from 1945.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

A 100-year-old source of inspiration

George Philippedes was renovating an apartment he bought on Sloane Square in London when he too discovered some old newspapers under the floorboards. Some of the newspapers were 111-year-old copies of the Daily Express.

This inspired him to completely renovate his apartment in early 20th century style. The result is a stylish vintage apartment with clear Art Deco influences.
Source: dailymail.co.uk