These are the top trends for 2013

Year after year, we keep a close eye on the latest trends in interior design. These are some of the top trends for 2013.

Colour trends

When it comes to colour, there is no clear trend as such. The colour palette on the catwalk is highly varied and the same can be said of the world of home interiors. Pastels, bright or fluorescent colours, the choice is yours.

Black and white

Black and white remain omnipresent, although white is losing popularity. Instead, light colours are taking over the role previously assumed by white and are now referred to as the new white. Light, neutral colours are timeless and, in combination with design and structures, make for a fascinating whole.


Grey is here to stay. Especially the warm tones of grey with a tint of brown (the so called 'greiges') are doing well in home interiors.

Warm brown

Warm and dark brown are hot. It is one of the main trends at the recent international furniture shows.

Pastel colours

The retro and vintage design revival has prompted pastel colours to make a return. Combined with warm brown or the new greys, pastels are made to stand out to great effect.

Bright and fluorescent

Bright and fluorescent colours are on the rise as a positive note. Until now, bright colours continue to be chiefly used as detail and accessory colours. 

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The reclaimed look

Today's consumers are in search of authenticity, the story behind the product. Perfection has taken a backseat. The 'reclaimed look', i.e. the look of time-aged, re-used materials, combines this authentic, raw feel with contemporary influences. The 'reclaimed' trend crops up in a variety of looks:

Interior trends 2013: reclaimed

Original reclaimed

Re-using authentic floors and pieces of furniture remains very popular. Old, weathered pieces, full of character, tell their own story. Wormholes, cracks, tiny nail holes… are not considered imperfections. These perceived 'flaws' make a floor stand out and add a strong authentic charm to a room.

Interior trends 2013: patine


Furniture and accessories are often treated with a patina to give them a rural look. The patina subdues the effect of the knots and cracks. It softens the rough appearance of the original reclaimed floor, lending a floor a softer, romantic look.

Painted, peeled off

In today's home interiors, a painted, peeled-off look is gaining popularity. Old planks, that were once painted to give them a second life, started flaking and peeling off in some places. The white paint, combined with the wood grain that has become subtly visible again, exudes an authentic reclaimed and romantic feel.

Interior trends 2013: saw cut

Saw cuts

'Saw cuts' are set to remain a success. The pattern of the saw cuts goes back to time-aged planks that are cut using a chainsaw. The irregular cuts produced by the vibration of the saw lend the floor an authentic and artisan look. The random effect of the saw cuts creates a nice balance without being overwhelming.

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Oak wood

Interior trends 2013: oak

Oak is bound to be one of the most desired wood species in the years to come. On the one hand, classic oak designs manage to maintain their popularity. On the other hand, there's the launch of a number of reclaimed oak designs – in response to the prevailing reclaimed trend, varying from a weathered look, with cracks, saw cuts and nail-holes to a softer version through a patina or flaked-off paint.

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