Size does matter: the secret advantages of large laminate flooring

Longing for a spacious and elegant interior? Check out these three advantages of large laminate floorboards and unlock the full potential of your interior.

The secret advantages of large laminate flooring

Create space

Even the smallest room can look bigger with the right kind of flooring. One of the main advantages of long planks is that they add depth and enhance one’s perception of space.

But size isn’t the only thing that matters. The direction in which your flooring boards are laid also impacts the room’s overall look and feel. For instance, boards laid width-wise make a room appear wider. Another trick? Place your planks parallel with the longest wall.

A modern match

The flooring style you choose will have a major impact on your interior. Long floorboards exude class and quality, and perfectly match modern design. Dare to opt for elegant flooring with exquisite and natural dark colours (walnut, exotic, etc.). Also a dark floor paired with light colour walls will make the room look wider.

Laminate that lasts

Quality laminate lasts a lifetime. The Quick-Step Largo laminate boards prove to be exceptionally solid. Thanks to their ultra-protective Scratch Guard top layer and a water-resistant glued base plate, you won’t have to worry about scratches or moisture. This even allows you to give your kitchen the modern, wooden flooring it deserves.

Ready to unlock the hidden space in your home? If so, why not use the Quick-Step Floor Advisor to see how Largo flooring would look in your own interior.