7 golden rules to keep your laminate in shape

With Quick-Step’s top-quality laminate at home, you can rest assured. Our laminate floors can boast a scratch-resistant top layer. And a warranty of 25 years gives you peace of mind for up to a quarter of a century. Wondering how you can do even better? With these seven tips, you keep your laminate floor shine, year after year.

7 ways to keep your laminate in shape

Use protection …

Dinnertime! Is that the sign for your housemates to pull back their chairs with rampant enthusiasm? Time to avoid scratches in your laminate by putting protective pads or plastic glides under of your furniture legs.

… or muscle power

Sure, eagerness to dive in at a jam-packed dinner table is understandable. But let’s be civilised and properly lift our chairs. If you’re planning to move a bigger piece of furniture, however, reach out for additional muscle.

Keep it clean

Did you spill the contents of a glass or bottle on the floor? Be kind to your laminate, and wipe the liquid as soon as possible.

Keep the rugs where they belong

With a strategically placed rug, you can easily protect your most frequently visited aisles. It’s also the perfect way to prevent heavy furniture from leaving marks on your laminate. Bonus tip: an anti-slip strip under your rug can avoid a painful tumble.

Welcome your guests

Nothing says ‘hospitality’ like a doormat that says ‘welcome’. And it’s also a smart move to avoid dirt on your laminate.

Keep an eye on humidity

The proper humidity in a room is somewhere between 35 and 65%. If the humidity level gets too high or too low, it can make your laminate expand or shrink. You can keep track of humidity with a hygrometer.

Keep it short

Have any pets running around? Make sure to clip their nails regularly to prevent them from ruining your precious laminate.

Did these tips make you an even more ardent supporter of laminate? Then quickly choose the floor of your dreams with Quick-Step’s Floor Advisor.