Burnt is the new black

In the world of fashion as well as in interior design and decorating, black has definitely made a comeback: timeless and elegant, yet rugged. A deep colour will give your room a dramatic flair. You can use black in your interior decorating scheme to make a definitive statement: it will heighten the luxury appeal of every room. A black floor in combination with light colours or eye-catching details can exude an aura of serenity and produce everything but a narrowing effect. Quick-Step is therefore pulling out all the stops with a very special black floor: burned planks, a floor with the wood grain texture of burned wood. 

Quick-Step Black Wood

Black wood

The practice of burning wood is as old as the road to Rome. The result? A unique texture, and as black as coal. Its application has its origins in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique: burned wood was used as a natural protective layer against pests and fire. The finish can differ, depending on how long the wood is exposed to fire and carbonisation: light will always be reflected in it differently. This age-old technique provided the basic inspiration for many a black floor. The frequently felt urge to dig into the past to create a new trend in interior decorating is a clear response to the overload of futuristic materials we are currently surrounded with. 

Quick-Step Burned Planks

Burned planks

Quick-Step started to experiment in the same way and created burned planks, a laminate floor with a true-to-life texture and look. The pattern was designed by making use of reliefography, a technique that is used for replicas of paintings, to scan in the composition of burned wood. The result is a black floor with the unique texture of burned wood. Combining this floor with walls painted in white or pastels will create a stylish and contemporary space: the addition of a dark floor will lend your home a touch of drama and charisma.

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