Tom and Karlien’s warm home with Quick-Step Variano parquet

Tom and Karlien wanted to give their home a more modern look, while preserving its historical features and character. The solution to their challenge? Discover how their grey Variano parquet brings it all together in a natural, warm way.

Wood floor in kitchen Quick-Step Variano

Wood floor in kitchen Quick-Step Variano

Creative contrasting

In 2007, the couple bought their house in Wespelaar near Haacht, which was originally built in 1934. 6 years later, they decided to refurbish the ground floor. Tom and Karlien love daring contrasts: a white cabinet wall with black niches, a sleek kitchen and a bric-a-brac toy cabinet, a minimal interior contrasting with old, stained glass door panes …

In their hallway and the new, ultramodern kitchen, the couple opted for black ceramic tiles with a slate motif. To create a warm look and feel in their living room and the children’s playroom, they chose the Variano Royal Grey Oak Oiled hardwood floor.

Quick-Step Variano Parquet Kitchen

The warm heart of a lively home

“The decision to go with Variano hardwood was an easy one,” Tom says. “And not only because the Uniclic Multifit system makes it so easy to install. Variano combines the charm of renovated reclaimed wood with a surprisingly original look, thanks to the multi-strip planks. Moreover, our oak hardwood floor has a weather-beaten look with aesthetically pleasing cracks and scratches. The perfect fit for Nand’s (7) and Floor’s (5) playroom: we won’t even notice if there’s an extra scratch!”

The family never had any doubts about the grey colour. “It contrasts beautifully with the black tiles, but not so much that it wouldn’t all fit together perfectly. Since the hardwood was already oiled, we knew exactly which colour our floor would have. With other kinds of hardwood — where you still have to oil the floor yourself — you’re never quite sure which colour you’ll end up with.”

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